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Key Features

Glenway Estate will be developed in 3 phases and consists of 198 stands. Affordable homes does not mean you get a sub-standard home. MSP strives to uplift communities and the quality of our products testifies to this. Have a look at some of our quality key features below.

  • Floor Tiles

    Floor Tiles

    Entire home tiled throughout for low-maintenance living.

  • Shower


    Bathrooms include showers to help save water.

  • Splashback Tiling

    Splashback Tiling

    Kitchens include splashback tiling above cupboards

  • Aluminium Window Frames

    Aluminium Window Frames

    Aluminium Window Frames are more durable, require less maintenance and have better heat gain and heat loss through the windows.

  • Burglar Proofing

    Burglar Proofing

    All homes come with burglar proofing to keep unwanted entities out and to make you feel at ease.

  • Solar Geysers

    Solar Geysers

    Solar Geysers ensure you save energy.

  • Patio


    Patio outside home for your and your guests' enjoyment.

  • Kitchen Standards

    Kitchen Standards

    Double sink with mixer tap and washing machine connection comes standard with every home.

  • Outside Standards

    Outside Standards

    Roof tiles, seamless gutters and top-hung window frames come standard with every home.

  • Boundary Wall

    Boundary Wall

    A Perimeter boundary wall surrounds the development to help keep residents' safe and deter unwanted enities.

  • Professional Design

    Professional Design

    Open layouts give the feeling of a bigger space, provide more natural sunlight and outdoor views, and create a more safe and social environment.